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JCAD JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY May 2018 • Volume 11 • Number 5 11 ACLARIS THERAPEUTICS ANNOUNCES FIRST PATIENT DOSED IN A PILOT STUDY WITH ATI-502 TOPICAL IN PATIENTS WITH ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. announced the initiation of a Phase II, open-label study of ATI-502, a topical Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor (ATI-502 Topical), in patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This trial will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and effect of ATI-502 Topical applied twice-daily in 24 adult subjects with AGA. This 30-week trial will be conducted at three investigational centers within the United States. * For more information: https://www. peutics-announces-first-patient-dosed-in- a-pilot-study-with-ati502-topical-in-pa- tient-20180423-00302 ORTHO DERMATOLOGICS ANNOUNCES PUBLICATION OF PIVOTAL EFFICAC Y AND SAFET Y DATA FOR PSORIASIS TREATMENT DUOBRII TM IN THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERIC AN AC ADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY Ortho Dermatologics, a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC, announced that the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) published positive results from two Phase III, multicenter, randomized, double-blind clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of DUOBRII TM (halobetasol propionate and tazarotene) (IDP-118) lotion in the treatment of plaque psoriasis. The studies included 418 patients combined and found that the treatment reached its primary efficacy outcomes. * For more information: https://www. tologics-announces-publication-of-pivotal-ef- ficacy-and-safety-data-for-psoriasis-treat- ment-duobrii-in-the-journal-of-the-amer- ican-academy-of-dermatology-300626130. html AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY AWARDS 26 SHADE STRUC TURE GRANTS TO PROTEC T AMERICA'S YOUTH To help protect children and adolescents from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, the American Academy of Dermatology has awarded Shade Structure grants to 26 schools and nonprofit organizations across the country. Since its launch in 2000, the AAD's Shade Structure Grant Program has awarded 368 shade structure grants. The structures provide shade for more than 880,000 individuals each day. * For more information: https:// american-academy-of-dermatolo- gy-awards-26-shade-structure-grants-to-pro- tect-america%E2%80%99s-youth- EARLY SKIN CANCER MORE ACCURATELY DIAGNOSED BY DERMATOLOGISTS THAN OTHER PROVIDERS Research published in JAMA Dermatology found that dermatologists are more effective at diagnosing skin cancer early in the disease process than physician assistants (PAs). Also, PAs were much more likely to ask for more skin biopsies in patients than dermatologists, suggesting they're less able to identify early- stage skin cancer. * For more information: https://medi- cer-accurately-dermatologist.html L'OREAL IS LAUNCHING SEED PHY TONUTRIENTS, A SUSTAINABLE BEAUT Y BRAND WITH PAPER PACKAGING L'Oreal's new label will focus on skincare products that are plant-based and sustainable, including ingredients from cold-pressed seeds. Even the packaging is sustainable; it's recyclable, compostable, and already made of recycled materials. * For more information: https:// ents-skin-care-paper-packaging PSORIASIS TREATED WITH COMPOUND DERIVED FROM IMMUNE CELLS Research from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, determined that a compound found in immune cells was able to successfully treat psoriasis in mice. The senior author noted that the compound was able to stop the inflammatory pathway that takes over in diseases like psoriasis. * For more information: https:// ed-with-compound-derived-from-im- mune-cells/ CAN MICRONEEDLING WITH COLLAGEN TREAT MELASMA? Research included in the BMC Journal of Dermatology found that microneedling was successful in treating melasma. With only six patients, the study was limited, but the treatment was effective in 100 percent of the patients at the six-month follow-up based on skin biopsies. * For more information: https://www. lagen-melasma/ JCAD NEWS & TRENDS Exploring the internet for the latest reports on research, products, and trends in dermatology J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2018;11(5):11 In the digital edition, click * to read the full article online.

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