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JCAD JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY April 2018 • Volume 11 • Number 4 56 Governor Susana Martinez for signing SB 11 into law. The law puts new regulations around prescription drug coverage for which any "fail first" or step therapy protocols are required. * For more information: https://www. co-passes-step-therapy-reform-legislation-0 NEXT GENERATION BIOLOGICS, JANSSEN'S TREMFYA, ELI LILLY'S TALTZ, AND NOVARTIS'S COSENT YX, RAISING THE BAR IN PSORIASIS MANAGEMENT A recent study based on a survey of 100 dermatologists and published by Spherix Global Insights in February reveals that at approximately six months post-approval, over half of dermatologists have prescribed Tremfya, and among those current users, nearly 30 percent of all scripts for the IL-23 inhibitor were written as a first-line biologic. Follow-up analysis with respondents who reported generous first-line Tremfya use uncovered that it was largely made possible due to Janssen's patient assistance program, Janssen CarePath. * For more information: https:// next-generation-biologics-janssens-trem- fya-eli-lillys-taltz-and-novartis-cosen- tyx-raising-the-bar-in-psoriasis-manage- ment-300610426.html AMERICAN SKIN ASSOCIATION (ASA) ANNOUNCES 2018 RESEARCH SCHOLAR AWARDS AND RESEARCH GRANTS Over more than 30 years, the ASA and its affiliates have funded more than $50 million in grants to address the causes and treatments of melanoma, vitiligo, and psoriasis, as well as other skin diseases, and to search for long sought-after cures. ASA continues its long history of awarding significant grants by announcing the funding of 13 critical research grants for 2018. * For more information: https://www. association-announces-2018-research-scholar- awards-and-research-grants-300610205.html NEWLY APPROVED TREATMENT FOR IMPETIGO TO BE COMMERCIALIZED BY CUTANEA LIFE SCIENCES, INC. Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc. has acquired the exclusive United States commercialization rights for Xepi™ (ozenoxacin) Cream from Medimetriks Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Xepi™ is licensed from Spanish drug maker Ferrer International, who developed the patented topical impetigo treatment that was recently approved for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. * For more information: https:// newly-approved-treatment-for-impeti- go-to-be-commercialized-by-cutanea-life-sci- ences-inc-300608308.html LEADING ACNE BRAND LAUNCHES FIRST-EVER RETINOID EDUCATION WEEK Differin®, one of the acne franchises within Nestlé Skin Health, announced the launch of Retinoid Education Week. This week-long mission will aim to educate Americans with acne about how retinoids have revolutionized the way people treat their condition. * For more information: https://www. ne-brand-launches-first-ever-retinoid-educa- tion-week-300607732.html ALLERGAN ANNOUNCES FDA HAS EXTENDED THE ULIPRISTAL ACETATE NDA REVIEW PERIOD TO AUGUST 2018 Allergan has announced that it was notified by the FDA that the review of the New Drug Application for ulipristal acetate, an investigational drug in the US for the medical treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding in women with uterine fibroids, will be extended. The target action date has been extended to August 2018 to provide time for a full review of the file. * For more information: https:// gan-announces-fda-has-extended-the-uli- pristal-acetate-nda-review-period-to-au- gust-2018-300606138.html RESEARCH SUGGESTS EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS IS A LATE MANIFESTATION OF THE ATOPIC MARCH Scientists are presenting information at the 2018 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology and World Allergy Organization Joint Congress that suggests eosinophilic esophagitis could be predicted using a common theory related to other allergic diseases: the atopic march. The atopic march describes how patients with early atopic dermatitis eventually progress to IgE-mediated food allergy, asthma, and allergic rhinitis. * For more information: https://www. al-psoriasis-foundation-improved-step-thera- py-protocols-12-states COMMON STAPH STRAIN ON SKIN PROTECTS AGAINST SKIN NEOPLASIA A study published in Science Advances reports that a common microbe found on healthy skin, Staphylococcus epidermidis, produces a chemical compound, 6-N-hydroxyaminopurine, that inhibits DNA synthesis, exerts selective antiproliferative activity against tumor cell lines, and suppresses ultraviolet-induced tumor growth. * For more information: http://advanc- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SUCCESSFULLY DIAGNOSES NAIL FUNGUS A deep neural network was able to successfully diagnose the common nail fungus onychomycosis with impressive accuracy after team of South Korean researchers assembled a huge dataset of almost 50,000 images of toenails and fingernails, which was then used to train the deep neural networks to recognize the common disease. * For more information: https://spec - cial-intelligence/ai-beats-dermatologists-in-di- agnosing-nail-fungus JCAD N E W S & T R E N D S

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