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16 JCAD JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY December 2017 • Volume 10 • Number 12 O R I G I N A L R E S E A R C H population, comprising subjects who completed the baseline and the baseline post-treatment procedures and assessments. RESULTS Twenty female subjects aged 36 to 63 years (mean age: 48 years) presenting with a grade of 6.4 (high moderate) for fine lines and wrinkles (periocular-under eye) were enrolled in the eight-week clinical study. Five subjects were lost to follow-up. No treatment-related adverse events were reported during the study. All subjects were neuromodulator injection- experienced, having received at least two neuromodulator injections in the lateral canthal areas in the last 18 months. Figure 1 shows the immediate (baseline pre-treatment) and the long-term effects (at Week 8) from the combination treatment in the lateral canthal area, an area affected by the neuromodulator injection and HA 5 application. Immediately after treatment at baseline, a statistically significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in the periocular-lateral canthal area was observed (all p≤0.006; Student's paired t-test; n=20). The FWS in this area did not show immediate significant improvement. By Week 8, fine lines and wrinkles and the FWS in the lateral canthal area showed significant improvements (all p≤0.009; Student's paired t-test; n=15). For the facial areas not treated by the neuromodulator injection, Figure 2 shows the immediate (baseline pre-treatment) and the long-term effects (Week 8) after twice-daily use of HA 5 . Statistically significant improvements FIGURE 2. Areas not affected by the neuromodulator FIGURE 3. A 62-year-old female (frontal view) —A) Standardized digital photography (Canfield Vectra; Canfield Imaging Systems, Fairfield, New Jersey) at baseline; B) baseline 15 minutes after neuromodulator injection in the lateral canthal areas and full-face hyaluronic acid 5 (HA 5 ) application; and C) after eight weeks of twice-daily HA 5 use, demonstrating changes in the appearance of facial fine lines/wrinkles A B C FIGURE 1. Areas affected by the neuromodulator

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