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59 JCAD journal of clinical and aesthetic dermatology June 2017 • volume 10 • Number 6 another study by Kroon et al 34 compared nonablative fractional laser with triple combination cream in a randomized trial. both fractional laser and tCC were reported to have similar efficacy and recurrence rates at six-month follow up. Hong et al 35 compared nonablative fractional laser with 15% trichloroacetic acid (tCa) peel in a split-face study. they concluded that they are equal in terms of clinical efficacy and neither of them is long lasting. Wanitphakdeedecha et al 36 reported a significantly higher incidence of PiH on the side treated with 20mJ/20% coverage as compared to 20mJ/5% coverage side. tourlaki et al 38 assessed the efficacy of combination therapy, nonablative fractional laser and tCC in resistant melasma cases. they observed marked (>75%) and moderate improvement (51–75%) in melasma area sensitivity index (Masi) scores in 67 and 21 percent of patients, r E v I E w table 6: nonablative fractional lasers for skin rejuvenation in spt iv–vi autHors, yEar sKin t ypEs no. oF patiEnts spt Hiv, v, vii trEatmEnt modalit y postinFlammatory HypErpigmEntation HpiH %i K ono et al, 2007 41 I II–IV 3 0 N ot mentioned Split face: 1550nm Er:YAG laser Different energy and density settings 6 .6% Jih et al, 2008 4 2 II–IV 10 Not mentioned 1550nm diode pumped erbium fiber laser No PIH observed Leheta et al, 2013 43 I–IV 24 Not mentioned Randomized study: Group A: Dermal fillers + lipolysis Group B: 1540nm Er:YAG laser + fillers/lipolysis No PIH observed Shin et al, 2012 44 IV–V 22 Not mentioned Group A: 1550nm Er:YAG laser+PRP Group B: 1550nm Er:YAG only Group A: 25% Group B: 17% Saedi et al, 2012 45 I–VI 20 2,0,1 1440nm fractional laser No PIH observed Wattanakrai et al, 2012 46 III–IV 22 12,0,0 Split face: One side 1550nm Yb/Er* doped Fiber laser Other side: 2940nm VSP** Er:YAG laser 10% on 2940nm Er:YAG side Marmon et al, 2014 47 III–V 10 Not mentioned 1440 diode based fractional laser 10% Brauer et al, 2015 15 I–VI 23 Not mentioned 1927 nonablative fractional diode laser 4% Moon et al, 2015 48 III–IV 44 14,0,0 Randomized study: Group A: ablative fractional 2940nm Er:YAG laser Group B: nonablative 1550 Er:YAG laser Group A – 5.2% Group B – no PIH observed Freidmann et al, 2016 49 II–IV 16 1,0,0 1565 erbium doped fractional laser No PIH observed *Yb/Er=yetterbium/erbium **VSP=variable square pulsed SPT: Fitzpatrick skin photo type

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