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OCT 2017

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Faster healing by 63% vs vehic educed inflammation R antimicrobial activity Protection with broad-spectrum formula that helps rebuild damaged has a p ® and slow to heal. Bensal HP en skin can be vuln coriated/brok c Ex t r s ur fir o y s n e Be ak M cle m : 1 d skin by offering proven multi-action erable to infection . se n po es r ® sal HP Faster healing by 63% vs. vehic cle A ll t f ti t i t in breast milk. product; it is unknow Pregnancy Category C is a ® HP Bensal • in pediatric patie ® The safety and effectiveness of Bensal HP • no interaction studies have been performed. has not been studied in pregnant women or in im ® HP Bensal • Use with other topical agents has not been studied. interacts with other topical med ® It is not known if Bensal HP • . Not to be used in eyes. is for external use only ® HP Bensal • is contraindicated in patients who are hypersens ® HP Bensal • TION T A burns and fungal infections. also is i ® complications associated with pyodermas. Bensal HP many common forms of dermatitis, including certain eczematoid is indicated for the external treatment of inflammati ® Bensal HP TION T INDICA IMPORT ANT SAFETY INFORMA tes ndicated in the treatment of insect bit d conditions. These conditions include ion and irritation associated with e b i ti li ti ointment is excreted ® wn if Bensal HP ents have not been established. mmunocompromised patients and dications applied to the treatment are sitive to topical polyethylene glycols. ndicated in the treatment of insect bit tes, a. .fd www or visit 1-800-FDA-1088 effects of prescription drugs to t ou are encouraged to report negative side Y AD-0617 the FDA. Call egative side www For Full Prescribing Information, please visit of the ointment. A small percentage of patients may experience a temporary burning sensation upon application • , SC, USA; 2010. Corp., Easley Prescribing Information. 7 Oaks Pharmaceutical (topical ointment) ® Bensal HP 1. REFERENCE: BHP-JCA Pharmaceutical pical ointment)

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